Busy Lady

Today seemed like one of those typical fall days–a little chilly early on, but sunny–and I can feel the end of summer. Really, I typically think Labor Day is the end of summer because the day after is Back to Work…And that is where I have been for the past week…or more.

But in the meantime, I started the fantastic women’s craft club I have been dreaming of for the past 3 years, Domestic Divas. We had our first successful meeting, even with only 4 in attendance (that was with myself included). And to start it off my wonderful, thoughtful, inventive husband started the Domestic Diva social network. I was home with a sick baby all day today, so I spent some time and got it up and running…and here it is…http://divasathome.ning.com/. So far it is more than I would have imagined. Cool

In other history, we took our sort-of-annual Labor Day Weekend camping trip to Nicks Lake in the Adirondacks with Baby Girl. It is much different camping with a baby. She seemed to have fun, even though she spent an entire day runny and sneezing and watery. She still bopped along singing, smiling, and watching everything around her. When I wasn’t a neurotic mother I relaxed, collected a bagful of teeny-tiny pine cones with Mom, Sis, and Auntie (that I will most likely use as vase fillers), and pretended to be a photographer…

I took these early in the morning. There was a heavy fog and everything some shade of grey. It was so peaceful!

I think I might like to frame some of these, I am that impressed with myself!

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