Easter Wreath–DONE!

So, I have gone back and forth about how to decorate my Easter wreath. I really loved the fabric flowers I have seen on across the web, but I had these really great little eggs in my Easter decor stash from JoAnn’s (purchased years ago). On the other hand, I really didn’t want a WHOLE wreath done up in eggs…hmmm. Well, it did not come to me in a wacky pregnancy dream, but more or less an all-to-frequent sleepless night of staring at the window blinds. Eggs and fabric! Well, sort of…
I used some green tulle remnants I had on hand that I ‘just had to have’. I cut strips, gathered (stitching by hand), and made little flowers. After hot gluing them onto the bottom of the wreath, I decided I needed some bright contrast.
I took some green grosgrain ribbon I had and made some little flowers just by making loops and gluing the center. These were added on in some random spots.

Ahhh….now I was ready for the eggs. I hot glued some eggs here, some there (Moira was a great helper during this, handing me a green egg, a blue egg, etc…We are practicing colors).
And here is the finished product.
I knew where I wanted it to go all along…compliments my ‘egg tree’ nicely, I would say! Easter wreath done!

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