Bunny Pretzel Pops

Happy Monday.  It finally feels like Spring these past couple of days and even though I am exhausted, it puts a little bit of pep into my step.  It is a windy day today (I am reminded of “Pooh’s Blustery Day”…we have seen that movie quite often), but we still went outside, walked a couple of blocks, and played on the slide.  It was just good to be out of the house.  
Also made these today with Moira.  Salty & sweet…mmmm
And they are covered in coconut…double mmmm
Here is what you need:
We used mini chocolate chips, white chips, pretzel rods, ‘regular-sized’ marshmallows, and flaked coconut.  Most of it probably looks self-explanatory, but here is what to do:
Get your little work station set up…white chocolate chips melted; mini-chips ready; coconut in a shallow dish; marshmallow ears (by the way, the marshmallows were cut down the long way, then each ‘slice’ was cut in the middle to make 2 half-circles); pretzel rods; and wax paper for the finished product.

Dip the pretzel rod in the melted white chocolate chips.

Immediately roll it in the coconut.

Put the mini-chip eyes and nose on.  Use some of the melted chocolate as glue if needed.
(Moira is in the, “NO, I do it” phase so things got a little messy.)


Use some of the melted chocolate to put on the bunny ears.

Sneak a pretzel rod, and when someone asks you what you are doing, tell them “I’m eating a pretzel!” in your best matter-of-fact voice.

Enjoy your treat (after you eat your dinner, of course!)

And if you have left-over marshmallows and melted chocolate, make these little fellas…roll your marshmallow in melted white chocolate chips, roll it in coconut, and add some bunny, eyes, and nose (using some of that melted stuff for your glue).



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