Some Spring Gardening

Today was a big day for Miss Moira.  She learned how to plant seeds.

It all started because I thought she would enjoy having a little garden of her own.  She loves to water plants and has a wonderful fixation on sticking her hands in the potted plants in my house and dumping dirt all over the floor.   She also loves picking dandelions, as well as the little white flowers off of my shamrock plant.  And she is a little bit of a nature girl.  Between 17 and 18 months she would walk around my mother’s gardens and sniff the flowers.

When we went camping last Labor Day, she did this…

Yeah, she hugged a tree.  In the middle of the woods.  In nothing but a diaper.

Hippie?  Naturist?  Arborist?  Who knows.

What better way to foster Moira’s green thumb than to help her grow her very own garden.  Maybe she’ll stop picking the house plants and dumping dirt on the floor…I doubt it.

Today, she planted sunflower seeds, cucumbers, and green beans.  The sunflowers because I thought she would love to see how big they get; the cucumbers and beans because she loves them.  Once the risk of frost is gone here in Buffalo (hopefully sometime before July), we will transfer her plants to some large pots to put along our sunny fence.

She was thrilled to be outside (finally after days of rain) and to use her new gardening tools from the Easter Bunny (she especially loves having her own watering can).

First, put on the garden gloves…

Open the soil…

Put the soil in the starter pots…


Get all of your seeds planted…


Cover the seeds with soil…

Put in your garden tags…

The last and best part:  water the seeds with your cool new watering can!

Admire your work…

And wait for those sprouts to come up!


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