special sippers

We are counting down to Valentine’s Day (or Valentime’s if you are my daughter…or any other kid under the age of 5) and getting ready for the school parties.  I just have to share how fabulous and thoughtful I think my daughter’s classroom parties are…

The classroom teacher  makes the classroom holiday party unique by making one special treat for that holiday and asks parents to bring in one supply/ingredient needed to complete it.  So, rather than a smorgasbord of goodies (which is good, sometimes, I guess), it is a special occasion treat.

I like when things are “special”.

For Christmas is it was fancy hot chocolate.  For Valentine’s Day it is ice cream sundaes and strawberry milk.

Moira got to bring in the cherries.  We also contributed some special sippers.


Miss Moira is very excited about Valentine’s Day.  She loves parties. She loves getting all dressed up. She loves treats. She loves the occasion.  She loves the “friends” she gets to party with.  She loves giving (and getting) special things.  It doesn’t matter what the day or holiday or occasion, but if you throw out “you can wear that pretty dress for ___” and “we can have a special ___”, she is all over it.

I wonder who she gets that from?

We will see these later this week for the very special Valentine’s Day breakfast Mommy and Daddy will fix up before school.


Valentine Flags


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