Champagne Cupcakes

Here it is.  The most amazing, rich, perfect dessert for a champagne party…

Sparkling Champagne Cupcakes!


My good friend Krista made these for the Champagne Party  I recently hosted at my house.  She found the recipe over at Sprinkle Bakes.  How I have never stumbled on this site full of delightful treats until now is just crazy, but I can now say I am a fan.

This fun and festive treat is made up of the cake, a champagne pastry filling (which was a wonderful surprise), and a champagne buttercream.  Might sound involved, but oh-so-worth it.


In addition to whipping up these amazing cupcakes, Krista custom designed the fondant toppers to coordinate with the colors and general atmosphere of the party.  I was doubly excited to find out that Laura from The Sprinkle Box Shop had perfectly coordinated sprinkles to add to the cupcakes as well (have I mentioned yet that she is local, so getting my sprinkles means a quick jaunt out to her and done?).


I couldn’t be more pleased with how the cupcakes turned out and how nicely they fit into the Champagne Party.  This one is definitely a keeper!



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