lucky shirts {diy}

I have rediscovered my love of freezer paper and the endless possibilities for freezer-paper-stenciled-apparel.

I couldn’t resist crafting some custom shirts for St. Patrick’s Day…I mean Lucky Shirts.


In true Ronan fashion, I could only capture him on the run.


In true Moira fashion on the other hand, I was able to get lots of pictures of her.  Posing.  With her toe pointed out (not shown…)

I used my Cricut to cut the pattern but it could also be cut with an Exacto.  Just trace, cut, and iron on with the shiny/waxy side on your fabric.  I also find it helpful to put some freezer paper in between the layers of the shirt.  It keeps the fabric stable and gives a little barrier so the paint doesn’t leak to the back of your shirt.  Dab on your paint, allow to dry, and remove the paper.  You might even put some freezer paper on top of the image once it is dry and give it a quick iron over to set the paint.  Ta-da!  Done.

I used plain fabric paint for the Ronan.  Miss Moira got hers glammed out with some Fashion Glitter Bond (apply it like paint) and some green glitter.  Oooo Sparkly.

I will probably extend my freezer-paper-stencil-shirt-frenzy to Easter too.  Maybe even Dyngus Day.  Oh, wait.  You have never heard of Dyngus Day?  Oh, you must look it up!



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