five fun necklace crafts {for kids}

After seeing the joy in a simple activity such as stringing straws into a necklace, I was curious about some other fun necklace-stringing crafts for kids.  Some of these would make great party crafts for the little ones!


There are so many variations of stringing beads on necklaces.  Here are some super fun stringing activities to consider:


1.  Candy Necklace-Paper & Cake provides a free printable for a fun, candy necklace kit.  Fill a box with colored candies and let the sugar rush begin.


2.  Cork Necklace-Another use for all those corks you Wine-Os out there might collect, courtesy of Tip Junkie.  Heck, I would wear that!


3.  Pasta Necklace-You can never go wrong with a pasta necklace for kids.  We have done this one a couple of times.  You can paint your pasta, or soak it in food coloring and rubbing alcohol to get your desired color.  (Photo from The Norris Family Journey)


4.  Fruit Loop Necklace-Edible equals fun (for me anyway), and this rainbow necklace done by Mamas Like Me using cereal is no exception.  Great for a rainbow party, St. Patrick’s Day, road trips, any day…I really love this one!


5.  Pony Bead Necklace-Flash Back!  Relive your summer camp days with a pony bead necklace.  (Photo from Fun Family Crafts)

I would love to hear of any more fun stringing activities out there!

Happy Monday,


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