home style {house plants}

As I gradually progress on styling each room in our new home, I find myself bringing in more and more houseplants.  I love houseplants.  I feel like they bring such life into a room.  That’s because they do.  They purify the air, provide oxygen, and having something living in your room really brightens it up.

As long as you keep it living that is.  I am plenty guilty for neglecting plants until they are beyond saving.  And then there are those pesky little aphids that occasionally find their way in and ruin everything.  Pesky.

Anyhow, I couldn’t resist practicing my photography and editing on the various flora I have brought indoors.


I used one of the fabulous web board templates at The Coffee Shop Blog.  She has amazing actions, templates, and more on her sight…worth a look!

black-whitewebdaisyweb mintweb plantweb spicesweb

daisybwwebsucculents2web succulentsweb vineweb

There are many more…and probably more to come…



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