mix it up {cucumber mint seltzer}

Ever need to just cool down, but water is too…well, water…and you don’t want to drink any sugary beverages?  Well do I have a solution for you:


Mmmm…doesn’t that make you thirsty???

Cucumber-Mint Seltzer.  Cucumber and mint anything seem to be pretty popular these days.  It is in my house anyway!  Although, it is usually combined with gin in a copper cup.

We have a mint plant in the house and I love it.  Having fresh mint around is wonderful!  More on that another time.

For your own Cucumber Mint Seltzer, muddle 2 slices of cucumber and the leaves off of two mint springs in a glass.  If you don’t have a muddler, use the end of a wooden spoon.   You don’t want to necessarily pulverize the stuff, just release the yummy minty-ness.


Add you ice and then your seltzer.  Find a sunny spot, put your feet up, and sip away!

And be cool as a cucumber.


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