grilled chocolate & bacon {sandwich}

I can’t even describe to you how sinfully good this is.  Chocolate.  Bacon.  Sourdough.  Grilled (with butter).  Seriously.  It is not diet food.  It is not healthy.  But my goodness it is tasty.


On the chocolate note, I have been chipping away at my 70% cocoa chef’s blend from Soma Chocolate…my prized chocolate possession from a recent trip to Toronto.  (That stuff is no joke.) I used it in Sugar Hero’s Lick-the-Knife-Clean Chocolate Spread.

Yes, she calls it “Lick-the-Knife-Clean” so forget all of the rules growing up about not licking knifes.  You will definitely lick the knife that spreads this goodness on.

Slap on some salty, crispy bacon to your sammich, grill as you would your most famous grilled cheese, and let the good times roll.


I am actually drooling right now.



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