life in general {airports with kids}

Last week, the family jetted down to NYC to honor and celebrate my sister-in-law’s graduation from NYU. It was a very exciting trip for all of us for lots of reasons, but I always get a little, tiny bit anxious when I am about to take a trip with our kids. I worry about the tantrum in the middle of a flight, negotiating good behavior, the “I have to go potty badly, right now“, so on and so on. I must say though, that we have been blessed with good little travelers. Moira flew for the first time at 3 months old and then again at 1 year…both times making it through cancellations and delays with as much grace as a baby could have at that time. Ronan flew for the first time when he was 15 months old and it was as much a breeze for him as it was for Baby Girl.

To deal with my growing nervousness, I did what any other Mom-who-likes-to-pretend-she-has-control would do…I prepared. I packed the kids backpacks with a book or two, coloring, tracing, maybe a computer game for Moira, and most wonderful of all…Snacks.


In case you didn’t know, food items are ok getting past the security. Just no drinks. I do typically bring empty water bottles when traveling and fill them, again and again, wherever I find a water fountain. I didn’t this time and was kicking myself, often, for not doing it. Water bottles.

airplane-treatsAnd yes I did pack marshmallows, which came in very handy when the kids had to sit still while my husband hunted down my suitcase. And the kisses…didn’t even use them…but always good to be prepared, right?

The preparation paid off. Sure, Ronan had a little hissy fit during takeoff because he wanted to stand on me and look out the window. Nothing a grape or two couldn’t fix though.

Can’t wait to share some of the photos from the trip!

Happy Travels!


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One thought on “life in general {airports with kids}

  1. LOVE everything about this! I need to pack these lil snack packs for myself…well done hot momma…thank you!

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