life in general {picking daisies}

This weekend marked some memorable milestones here.  Moira picked out her first pair of eye glasses (pink of course) on Saturday morning, and then had her first dance recital Saturday night.

Being a life long dancer it was very proud moment for me…that she had the courage to get up on stage; that she would practice (most of the time) when I asked her to; that she stuck with something like this for the whole year, looking forward to it week after week.  I am proud that she has a early interest in trying out something that was so near and dear to me.  I can’t wait to show some pics of the tiny dancer later this week.

To break from the chaos and frustrations caused by our all-to-typical four-year-old and two-year-old behavior that took place on Sunday, we took a walk in the wagon to pick some daisies down the street…before they got mowed over.  The kids love wagon rides.  And I love daisies.  What’s not to love?!?!

daisiesweb Moira-and-Daisiesweb Moira-picking-daisiesweb Ronan-and-Daisiesweb Ronan-picking-Daisiesweb

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3 thoughts on “life in general {picking daisies}

  1. Those daisies are beautiful! What is not to love?!? Also, read in someone else’s comments that you are a speech language pathologist. My first daughter has left sided hearing loss and we love our speech therapists 🙂

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