tiny dancer {2013}

Moira’s first dance recital was this weekend.  For her big debut, she sang, tapped, bounced, shook, and waddled to The Penguin Cha Cha.  It was nothing short of adorable.

Equally as endearing and funny was her posing for pictures.  She is quite a ham.  These were taken at the dress rehearsal.  When she walked into the theater, she completely lost her mind with anxiety.  Once she was dressed and backstage with her little penguin friends, though, she was ready to go.  And that is why the posing for pictures is nothing short of awesome.  It was only minutes before this that she was in hysterics.

bw-dancer moira-posed posed


Look at how serious she is on stage.  All business.  She did smile a little here and there, but it was mostly concentration and looking at her peers or her teacher.

During the actual performance I had to wait backstage with her for a bit until the teacher came to get them.  She sat so patiently in her chair…just waiting for her big moment.  It was very exciting.  (Or, in Moira terms, “ess-iting”.)

let's-danceweb waiting-to-dance

I think we have a little showstopper on our hands…


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