looking up in nyc {& other photo snippets}

A couple of weeks ago the family trotted off to NYC for a couple days to see my husband’s sisters and to watch one of them graduate from NYU…HUGE!  I am finally sharing some of the photos I took while there.  Many were taken with my phone…isn’t it great how convenient taking pictures has become?

IMG_3627 IMG_3638

Between Instagram and the A Beautiful Mess App, I am always shooting/quick editing pictures with my iPhone.  It has become an obsession…


My sister-in-law’s graduation dinner was at the Boathouse in Central Park…very pretty!  And delicious!


I trekked down the street to get some cupcakes from Crumbs.  They had a rainbow cookie cupcake, and since rainbow cookies are my husbands all time favorite cookie I had to get one.  Moira picked mint-chocolate-chip.  I picked chocolate banana because I panicked at decision time.  I was not disappointed!


IMG_3674 IMG_3649

NYU graduation ceremony at Yankee Stadium…


Moira took the one of the birds.  She was obsessed with the pigeons…everywhere.  So when I gave her free reign of the camera, she took about a dozen of the birds.


This one outside McSorley’s was my favorite.  I pretty much told everyone to give me their best “Irish Thug” look and this is what I got.


Carriage ride through Central Park…


One of the themes (besides kids) I was attracted to when taking my pictures was the buildings, specifically the tops of buildings.  Among all of the glass and soaring skyscrapers, NYC has these smaller-but-probably-huge-in-their-time buildings with beautiful details along the top of the building.  I couldn’t help but look up.  It was a chance for me to practice my (very) amateur photog skills.


freedom-tower building building2   nyse roof2 statue

And then this one  because the curly-haired cherub reminded me of Ronan…


We are looking forward to going back soon to take in more sights, eats, drinks, and family time!


One thought on “looking up in nyc {& other photo snippets}

  1. How did the airplane travel with the kids go? I am bringing Carter on an airplane for the first time next week and I’m getting a little nervous!!

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