mix it up {strawberry puree & fizzy drink}


My husband got a Soda Stream for Father’s Day this weekend.  We aren’t ‘cola’ drinkers at all, but love our soda water.  This kitchen gadget has been on his wish list for a while.  Now it is in our kitchen.  And since strawberries are everywhere, I put some in the soda we made.  It is a not-too-sweet, refreshing drink.  It can even be a little festive for Independence Day!

Simple combination…strawberry puree and soda water.

I made homemade strawberry puree, because I am crazy like that.  Since I made it, I can control what goes in it (told ya I was crazy).  I used agave to sweeten it a bit.  Honey or sugar can also be used.  You can be crazy too.  Strawberry puree is as easy as 1-2-3 (-4).  And since you control what you put into it, you also can control how much sweetness you would like.  Ready?  Go…

bowl-of-berries   strawberry-puree

I put 1/4 cup into each muffin cup.  Once frozen, I dipped the tin in warm water to loosen each serving, and used a knife to gently remove them.  I put the servings on parchment and stuck them in the freezer one last time so that they don’t stick together in a bag.

Now that you have your individual servings, put them in margaritas, lemonade, soda, whatever you would like!



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