summertime {printable update}

Happy official-first-day-of-SUMMER!  Summer is great for lots of reasons.  But it really feels like summer when I get to sleep with the windows open and then when I wake up and the air is warm, there is a nice breeze, the birds are singing (but not the grackles, I despise the grackles).  Hopefully the 50º weather in the morning is done for a while and I can wake up feeling all summery…

This week I experimented with the canvas transfer technique to make a “Summertime” print for the porch. You can find tutorials here, here, and here.

(UPDATE:  Apparently glasses and reviewing aren’t working out for me, because after checking and double checking, I still spelled “livin'” wrong.  WHOOPS!  So the updated images are below.  I did, however, keep the finished WRONG print so you can see how a finished canvas looks…even if it is WRONG.  I will be crafting a new canvas and repurposing the old one, of course.  THANK YOU LEANNE for your keen eye!)


Now, it is truth that every time I hear the word “summertime” I start singing songs in my head.  Number one–DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince and Sublime.  (You are singing it your head now too, aren’t you.)  BUT, I didn’t really dig the look of “Summer, summer, summer time, oooo” on a canvas, so I went with the Sublime lyric.  Which was taken from the original composition by George Gershwin.  In the 1930s.  I digress.

I am setting up two downloads here…one will be the printable for framing.  One is the image, backwards, for canvas transferring.




Have fun!


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