fairies live here

Last year my mother had a fairy garden at her house, which was a pleasant surprise when Moira came to visit. REAL fairies, living right in Gramma Donna’s backyard!  I thought it would be nice to spread the fairy magic to our new residence, so this year the Circus Berry family has a fairy garden as well.

garden-welcomfairy-gardenMoria helped pick out the plants.  We made sure to get miniature flowers and plants.  The fairies are little after all and it is only suiting that the flowers match, right?  We got LOTS of plants that day…all of the ones for the fairy garden and then some…


We made sure to give the fairies a fairy pool (very important for those hot days),

a fairy flag pole,

a fairy fence,

and a fairy path.


There is even a fairy “welcome” sign.  Such hospitality those fairies have!

With some paint and dollar birdhouses, we also have not one but two fairy houses.  I wonder which house was painted by Moira and which was painted by Ronan.  Hmmmm….


Moira told me fairies are living there already.  But they don’t have any names yet because there is a fairy Mom and she has fairy babies in her belly.  And to add to the fairy family, Moira puts a fuzz or seed off of a dandelion in her fairy house every time she finds one.  There must be a couple dozen in living there by now.

The fairy garden is placed sweetly in front of our porch.  I smile every time I look at the tiny little world and think how excited little ones get about fairies.  Magical.


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