life in general {just one more snow cone?}

The temperatures have risen, finally if you ask me.  This weekend was filled with fun, sun, and…snow cones.

moira-snowcone ronan-snowcone

The family spent Saturday at a soccer festival, complete with barbecue, bounce houses, and snow cones.  It was a full day of all things summer and soccer in memory and honor of my father-in-law, who dedicated much of his time, love, and energy to developing opportunities for sportsmanship, respect, self-esteem, fun, cooperation, and countless other positive experiences for children in the city of Buffalo through his soccer program, the Buffalo Soccer Club.

Moira and Ronan did not play any soccer on Saturday…they actually didn’t watch any either (which I heard about all the way home as Moira reminded me over and over, “I missed the game!!!”)  They did indulge in several snow cones, some barbecue chicken…and Moira conquered her fear of the big, terribly scary bounce house.  Once her (and Ronan) got their first go at it, there was no stopping them.  It was fun to watch.


Here they share their food.  Wait, don’t be deceived by the barbecue chicken dinner.  They ate the rolls.  Then it was on to the snow cones again.


Mommy's Monday

One thought on “life in general {just one more snow cone?}

  1. Awwwww! Look at those beautiful children! So sweet and cherubic… What a lovely day it must have been. So uplifting to read, thanks for sharing!

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