mix it up {quick patriotic sips}

Next week is Independence Day…a fabulous summer holiday with lots of tradition and pomp.  If you are having a party, or even if it is just you,  your kids, and spouse relaxing all day (which it will be for us probably), you can done your red and blue in your drink.  Dressing up your Fourth of July gathering with some fanciful red and blue sips is easy as opening up a bottle of sports drink.  Of the red and blue persuasion.  Who knew?


You don’t need to chug down a 4-pack of Starbucks Bottled Frappuccino in order to get the glasses for the presentation either.  Call your coffee-a-holic friends and see if they have any.  Then again, you can always check out a party store, like Shop Sweet Lulu for some bottles.  I ordered some party goods for Ronan’s birthday recently and the turnaround was super fast.  Grab some blue and red straws while you are at it!

Moira LOVES “blue juice” and “red juice”, although we usually reserve it for when she is sick.  Guess we will have to have it “special” for the holiday.


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