skirt revamp {diy}

Ever have a really great, comfortable piece of clothing but you were just tired of it?  I have a whole pile of clothes like that…plain, comfy, but I am just tired of it.  So I never end up wearing it.  There it sits, in my “I will do something awesome with that, someday” pile.  Well, a while back my sister upcycled a pair of leggings with bleach and ever since I have been inspired.  (Check out her post about it at Glitzy_Business and be inspired too.)  I have been wanting to do it to this skirt for a while.  I finally picked up a bleach pen and did it.  The nice thing about this diy is that you can do any–any–pattern/design you want.  Just draw it on.



Just a little awesome for a plain knit skirt, now perfect for (very) casual summer afternoons…or cocktails on a patio.  Thank you Sophocles (aka Stephanie) for the wonderful idea.


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