photography challenge {summer}

This month’s photography challenge for the Northeast Bloggers Network was “summer”. When I first saw the topic I thought of a dozen “summer” things I could photograph…swimming, popsicles, campfires, grilling…the list goes on.

But my final choice came this week. I was picking up the kids from daycare at the end of the day and thought to myself, I am going to blink and summer will be over. It will be dark at 5 o’clock, and cold, and there will always be something else I have to do. Staying indoors is not what I have in mind…I really want to take advantage of the fact that it is 80 degrees at 4:00, the sun is shining, and it is summer. We are going to the playground.

And so we did. Moira and Ronan hopped from one piece of playground equipment to another, as they always do, not staying more than 1 minute at any one in particular. Or so it seemed. But, before we left, they both opted for one more push on the swing. And that is when I snapped this with my phone.


There you have it folks. This is summer.


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