life in general {fireworks}

The rain stopped (finally) this Saturday, and we were able to go to the park to see fireworks for our town’s (early) Independence Day Celebration.  It was sort of funny, because we just moved here in November, so apparently don’t really know the nuances of being a resident here yet…like what time to get the the park for the fireworks, where to park, where to enter, where to sit.  We arrived and parked minutes before the display and found ourselves a spot in the back of the parking lot, under a tree.  We got out our chairs and sat the kids down…got out the glow bracelets, covered the babes with a blanket, and the fireworks started.  Perfect view!  Then a car started to leave and we realized we were sitting right in the path to get out of the lot.  Whoops.  Anyhow, the kids loved it.  They got to stay up late.  Super late.  And after going to the movies to see Monsters University and getting the first real bike (for Moira) and a train table for the loads of trains we all of a sudden have (for Ronan), it was the topping on a fabulous day.

Quote of the evening from Moira (in regards to the fireworks being so loud):  “It’s like a storm, but pretty.  Don’t be ascared.”

Quote of the evening from Ronan (in regards to who-knows-what this kid is talkin’ about):  “That’s what I talkin’ about!”

bw-fireworks-1I brought along my Nikon point-and-shoot because there is a “fireworks show” setting and I wanted to see what it was all about.  I am sure if I used a tripod the pictures would be a tad clearer, but just resting it on the edge of my chair did the trick well enough.  I think they are pretty cool…fireworks-1fireworks-frame-2fireworks2fireworks-3fireworks-4fireworks-5fireworks-frame


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2 thoughts on “life in general {fireworks}

  1. You got some great pictures with a point and shoot! We just moved too and I’m feeling the same way. Couldn’t figure out where to park at the library today…

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