yogurt & berry popsicles

I broke down a couple weeks ago and bought a Zoku…I have been wanting it for a while.  All the popsicle possibilities in no time!  I had to have it!  Ok, so maybe I should go to kitchen gadget rehab.  I mean, really.  IMG_4087

But since we do like making our own…everything…and we do like eating natural, whole foods often, it seemed like a reasonable purchase.  Popsicles in 7 minutes!?!?!

red-white-and-blue-pops zoku-pops

I thought I would be festive for July 4th, so the popsicle layers are strawberry (from the strawberry puree), vanilla yogurt with agave and citrus, and blueberry (blended with agave), poured in layer by layer, waiting a couple minutes in between.  I can’t believe how quick and easy it is.  Mine were not necessarily not messy…hey I am a rookie here.  But I was super excited when I figured out to use a funnel when pouring the ingredients so that I got a “prettier” pop and less mess.  These are pretty tame…you taste each layer but there is not a whole lot of sweetness to them and I am fine with that.  I might have to step it up a notch for the kids though.  In the meantime, these can be for me…ok them too.


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