running gear {roundup}

This morning I will be running in the Boilermaker…the greatest 15k in the land (as I have said before, and then again…and then again).  In the spirit of running, I am sharing my favorite running gear.

After weeks of training, I like to treat myself to a new running outfit…it’s my little ‘way to go girl’ reward.  Here is special treat 2013.  I am mostly partial to Nike but my mother convinced me to try Under Armor shorts.  We shall see if I come back.  And my sneakers…Brooks Adrenaline.  All day.


Also, over the years I have accumulated my go-to runner’s gear that I use either for training runs or for race day (or both).  Many of the these items are my tried and true and I probably will never switch…probably.


1.  My Belkin armband.  I use it for short runs but not long ones…unless I have long sleeves.

2.  Clif  Shot Blocks.  I tried GU and other running nutrition and they all make me gag.  Shot Blocks are for me.  And after a scary migraine last week, the kind with caffeine are my number one choice.

3.  Visor.  Sometimes I wear this, sometimes the glasses, but always something to protect the eyes.

4.  Elastic Headband.  My hair is cra-zy.  A must for every run.

5.  Sport sunglasses.  I picked them up at a sports store.  They fit nicely and keep the sun out.  Don’t forget to protect your eyes (again).

6.  Ear buds from my iPhone 5.  This is the one thing I will probably change.  I don’t like these too much for running.

7.  The iPhone.  I use the MapMyRun app for the GPS/stopwatch and Pandora (on most days) for my running music.  I have not been disappointed.

8.  My IT Band Compression Wrap.  I don’t rely on it so much these days because of the wonders of Pilates, but I keep it on hand in case.  I had some bad IT issues a couple years ago that set me back to square one. (I should also include my foam roller here because it is amazing, but I don’t actually bring it to runs).

9.  Dr. Scholl’s Blister Defense.  I use it religiously because I always get blisters after 9 miles.

10.  Lanacane.  Again, religiously for long runs on any spot where rubbing occurs.  Chafing, although a funny sounding word, is no laughing matter.

11.  The wonderful Spibelt.  Keeps my things on my body without bouncing, shifting, or digging into me.  And it fits my iPhone.

Finally, what would a girl be without her wish list?  I hope to do more half-marathons in the future and dream of completing a full marathon someday, so these are on my distance running wish list:

heart rate monitor

A heart-rate monitor.  I know me.  Sometimes I don’t push as hard as I could or I know that I should.  I get lazy.  I definitely get distracted.  This Women’s heart rate monitor from Polar should do the trick (*wink wink* family members or hubby that might read this).


Road ID.  I actually want to get this for my husband too.  We run on long, busy, minimally populated roads with wide shoulders but no sidewalks.  Most of the time people move, but sometimes we get the occasional driver that doesn’t see fit to not drive so close to the shoulder, or just doesn’t move.  I would just feel a little better…

water bottles

Waist pack with water bottles.  I have a hand one now that I use for my long runs, but honestly it is long gone before my run is done, especially on hot days.  This is my next step.

There you have it folks…all kinds of running goodies.  Now, aren’t we all going to be happy on Monday July 15 when Anne stops sharing running-themed posts?

Do you have any favorite running/workout gear or items on your wishlist?   I would love to hear!


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