inspiring celebrations {airplane birthday party}


Last month we celebrated my little man’s 2nd birthday.  Ok, it was over a month ago, but who is counting.  Gosh, does time fly.  Anyhow, I am excited to share the party with you (finally)!

A little background–we happen to live in the flight path of the planes landing Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, so on a daily basis…several times a day…Ronan looks up with excitement to point out the “AIRPLANE!!!!”.  SO, an airplane themed party was a given.  When styling the party and coming up with the designs for all of the decor and party printables, I was thinking of something that could be used again in styling his bedroom.  Bold colors, silhouettes, and yellow orange and blue.


I decided to switch it up this year and do a brunch rather than our usual late-in-the-day party.  Ronan absolutely loves pancakes and fruit, so those were key items on the menu…as well as mini quiche bites and mini banana oat muffins.  To stay with the theme, I offered a snack station, stocked with all of the airline-snack staples.  You can imagine which was the favorite (*hint* they were blue).

airplane party tableairplane partyairplane party bites

airplane party snacksairplane party drinks

I made the Hummingbird Cake from Bakerella…a huge hit.  My good friend Krista of Rufflecakes did the biplane fondant topper and letters.  It could not have been any more perfect to the theme.  And in true cakepoplove fashion, Sarah made amazing pops with just an invitation to go from.  These two girls are awesome…truly.

airplane fondant topper

airplane party popsairplane fondant topper

Hope you enjoyed the party!  Soon, I can show off how I used some of these items in Ronan’s bedroom.

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