life in general {dance party}

I had the great pleasure of a little getaway with some college girlfriends this past weekend, visiting a local favorite for all seasons, Ellicottville, NY.  I had never been (shocker to all who know me) and now that I have gone, it is no wonder that the girls were amazed that it was my first time.   Such a fabulous spot.

Regardless of my scatter-brain the past couple of days, the weekend included (i.e. forgetting cups, bottle opener, wrong turns, driving under the speed limit…the list goes on) it went down as a memorable and fun trip that we can’t wait to take again.  When my brain was briefly functioning on all cylinders, I managed to grab a couple pictures with my phone.

Just as every getaway should start, it all began with a toast…


Then off to the gorgeous patio/pool at Holiday Valley.  We had fully planned on spending time basking in the sun, cocktail in hand.  However, mother nature had different plans and we spent the time basking in the cover of a pavilion. rain

When weather gets you down, play a game.  One of the girls brought “The Game of Things” and we had a blast.  You find out some things about your friends when playing this game.  At least that’s how it seemed for us.  Even sitting in a townhouse when sunshine was really in the plans…we still managed to have a

We did not spend a lot of time in the village because we wanted to be able to all be together, relaxing.  We did stop at Ellicottville Brewing Company though.  I have had the beer, I am a fan of the beer, and now that I know how close it is, I can’t wait to go back with the Mister.  I can see us filling our bellies, passing the hours away in the beer garden there.  The place is just cool.  And so ver close to Buffalo.


Then we headed out for the real girls’ night…the dance party.  There is something about dancing your heart out all night long with a great group of girls…it’s just great.  When in Rome I guess do as the Romans do…there was dancing on tables, singing as loud as we could, and the occasional obligatory pursed-lip (aka duck-face) picture.  It was so very fun.  And sweaty.  It was also a reminder that I am not 21 years old anymore shaking my tail feather for 4 hours straight will hurt a little the next day.


The day and evening was what we fondly refer to as epic.

Sometimes a girl just needs a good dance party.


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