painted pots {guest post with Julie}

Vacation has officially begun at this point and while I am away, I have a couple of lovely guests sharing some projects and recipes with you.

Today I am happy to introduce my friend Julie.  She is a friend of mine from college who lives states away, but I have been admiring her home style DIYs she posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.  Naturally, I asked her if she would help me out while I was away, sharing some of her talent with the Circus Berry readers, and she agreed!  So, without further ado, here is Julie:

I was super excited when Anne asked me to contribute a little something to her blog while she was away in Ireland. I have been doing little projects around my new home for about a year now. Below are some examples.

ImageImageI have been thinking of something I could contribute and realized have 3 peace lilies that really needed a home. Initially, I was looking for containers to put them in but all the ones I liked were $40 plus and that was not in my budget. They were still in the baskets they came from the florist in and I would have to take them outside to water them because they would leak all over the hardwood floor. After awhile they would just stay out there but the extreme heat was really starting to hurt them; I really needed to do something to find them a permanent home.

I went to the local hardware store and picked up some terra cotta pots and was going to paint them all in various colors using all the latex paint samples I have amassed over the last two years.


I started by cleaning and priming and all was going well. Except I started this project on day one of a week long heat wave and the heat and humidity was starting to get to me. I did manage to complete one though.


I was still determined and tried to do a stencil on the second pot and it turned out ok but the curves prevented me allowing the pattern to match to allow me to go all the way around. It turned out ok.


For the final pot, I was just going to paint it one color and call it a day. By this time I moved to the garage but it was too late; the paint was getting thick and gel like. I knew I needed to do something else and the answer came to me later that day after reading the latest HGTV magazine. Decals.

I went to Target and picked these out.


It was so easy, I am mad that I did not do this a long time ago. So easy, my two year old could do it.



I ended up painting the last one and the one that had the stencils I really was not feeling. And this is the final product.




Eventually I will put some sealant on it. Since the plants are not outside and not exposed to the elements I am not too concerned with sealing it at the moment.

This seemingly simple projects got me thinking on what other projects I could do with minimal supplies, times, and that can be done inside with little to no mess. Below are some links of projects that can be done inside with minimal supplies. Enjoy!

I have been wanting to do an indoor teepee for a while now. Madison (my assistant from earlier) and her dog will be fighting over who gets to play in it.

I recently bought some chalkboard contact paper and the possibilities are endless with it. Below pictures of simple project I did with it.




You can also use it as a table runner for and then roll it up for the next project as it is done here.

Thank you to Julie!  You can check her out at JaechaStyle and on Facebook.


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