life in general {slán abhaile}

After a long journey, safe home.  The trip to Ireland was nothing short of amazing, far exceeding any expectation we had.  In the next couple of days and weeks I am looking forward to filling my journal some more, editing pictures, looking up some tidbits, making my list of places to go next time, trying some new recipes, and reflecting on our trip and all of the joy during our time on the Emerald Isle.  One of the many highlights…the Cliffs of Moher.  I took this with my iPhone, although it does not do much justice to the real thing.


I have lots of ideas and thoughts and projects I can’t wait to get to, now with a fresh set of eyes.  But I have not seen my kids for over a week and we have missed each other lots.  And our luggage is somewhere between Boston and Buffalo.  So for today, there will be a lot of hugs, lounging, hugs, relaxing, eventually unpacking, hugs, and resettling as we get back into the groove of being home and being together.

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