life in general {little bites & call for guest posts}

So, since being back from Ireland, my brain has been swimming with healthy eating, enjoying the last bit of summer, starting and finishing some home style projects, party ideas, DIYs for fall, photography, the list goes on.  Then I find myself so completely overwhelmed by the desire for immediate gratification, then I am so stuck on what to do first, then I get more crazy ideas…around and around we go.  (I would LOVE to hear that I am not the only one with this problem.  Is there an “I can’t stop thinking of more crap I want to do” support group?).  I often need to stop and remind myself, “Anne, you can get it all done…just take little bites at a time, crazy lady.”  This week I plan on taking lots of little bites.

Miss Moira’s room is getting some special treatment this week, as well as the play area of our sunroom.  I took these photos a couple of weeks ago and will be hanging them in the sunroom/playroom.  The tricky part will be containing myself when I go shopping for picture frames.  (One bite at a time, one bite at a time…one bite at a time.)

play-nice playing

Look at that, they love each other and are sharing, and smiling about it.  And look at those curls (before I had them chopped off).  I really want to get better about printing all of these lovely pictures out (there I go again…).

Some more “little bites”…some of you may have seen one of the items from my to-do this week on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:



I can hardly believe it, but I am already thinking ahead to October and looking for guest posts for the second week (October 6-12).  If you have some fabulousness that you would like to share in the form of a food, drink, party, home style, or DIY related post, shoot me an e-mail and I can we can chat!


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