in season {grilled donut peaches}



On a whim, I decided to have oatmeal for breakfast yesterday.  Why is that important?  I never eat oatmeal in the summer…it is such a winter food to me.  But something told me, “Eat oatmeal.  And while you are at it, throw in some of those peaches from your CSA.  Maybe a little bit of unsweetened coconut too.”  I listened to that little voice in my head, had a fabulous breakfast, and then was inspired to make my breakfast into a dessert.

Let’s start with the peaches.  Not just any peaches, but donut peaches.  I had forgotten how wonderful they were.  Until aforementioned oatmeal.  Onward.  When sliced, grilled a little bit on the cut side, then topped with some toasted coconut, chopped white chocolate chips, and a dollop of whipped cream, we have a very indulgent-yet-not-so-bad-for-you dessert.donut-peaches

The fruit by itself is wonderful, so really it could be dessert all by itself.  But what fun would that be? Go ahead, throw on some toasty, nutty, sweetness for good measure.


I am pretty sure I will be eating this every night until they go out of season.


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