fabric pom-pom garland {diy}

It has been a busy couple of weeks and the mission continues.  I am slowly, but surely, working my way around the house trying to “finish” each room.  One of last week’s projects that is happily adorning our sunroom is this pom-pom garland.


I was looking for a way to make the play area of our sun-room fun and playful yet adult, pretty, and easy to change so I went with this fabric pompom garland.  It adds a little sass to the room, if I do say so myself.  And when I am done with it, I can reuse it for party decor.  Sweet.

Supplies you will need:  fabric (any kind at all…that’s part of the fun); thread and needle; twine


A note about that grey shiny fabric…I bought the pants on sale at Target because they looked like fun.  I rocked them at a Bon Jovi concert, then again in Vegas, and then decided I was done with them.  But shiny grey fabric…I couldn’t just ditch it.  I had to reuse it.  Along with a fabric drop cloth I am milking for every penny.

Cut circles out of fabric…they don’t need to be exact, only roughly the same size.  I cut 100 circles of each.


Assemble pom-poms:  Fold one circle into quarters and stitch the bottom.  Repeat with nine more circles, stitching each one onto the thread, until you have 10 in a row.  Bring the thread through the first circle you attached and tie your knot.


Then fluff it out a bit.


Continue until you have all of your pom-poms done.  I did 10 of one and 9 of another.  Don’t be intimidated.  Turn on some good music and you will whizz right through them.


Run a length of bakers twine, floss, or yarn through the center of each pom-pom.  I took a picture of gold twine but changed my mind and went with black.  Whatever floats your boat.


Space out the pom-poms about 10 inches apart, securing each with a dab of hot glue in the center.


 Hang however you see fit.


Here is a snapshot of the kids enjoying some of the progress.  I took out more of the toys and moved things around from the playroom I wrote about here.  Same rules, just less stuff.  (More about that transformation soon.)




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