breakfast trifle

Sometimes you are on a roll, you know what I mean?  Last week and early into this week I have been getting really creative with my dishes while keeping things (mostly) healthy.  Partially because I have been tied down to the house working on potty training my son, partially because I am trying to use what I have before buying more and we have lots of produce from our CSA, and partially because I am inspired.

I have been enjoying this seasons fruits very much.  First it was yogurt and fruit.  Then I added some muffin.  Then layered it in a rather fancy way.  Now we have a fabulous breakfast trifle.  I call it breakfast because it is fruit, yogurt, and muffin.  Really though, it tastes like dessert.


We have some cut up muffin, some greek yogurt, fruit (peaches and raspberries), and toasted coconut.  Some side notes…the muffin was kind of cheating.  It is vanilla muffin, which is really just a glorified cupcake with no frosting.  I suppose you could get a little healthier with the muffin but I didn’t want to overpower the yogurt or fruit with a grainy or fruity muffin.  Do what floats your boat.

My other side-note.  Chobani is by far my favorite yogurt so you see me use it a lot.  I am not paid to say that and don’t receive anything from Chobani for saying that.  I was introduced to it years back at a the Boilermaker 15k race expo and have not looked back since.  I think it is the best.  That’s my own opinion.

Assemble in jars for individual servings, or if you are fancy and have a trifle bowl, use that (I don’t have a trifle bowl..hint hint Mom).


I served this to my kids on Saturday morning after my “test run” on Friday.  For Miss Moira, who usually drags out any and every meal until I am begging, negotiating, and straight up just taking her food away, it was a winner.  She ate it in seconds flat.  Ronan, well he dug out the muffins and the peaches…


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