don’t lose the dreams {diy framed art}

Everyone has that favorite band, and a favorite song, and many people have a song line that pops into their head every now and again, or a lyric that inspires, brings back memories, gives a certain feeling…something.

My all time favorite band is the Dave Matthews Band, so I revisit their albums, new and old, quite often.  I decided to break out Busted Stuff a couple of weeks ago while cooking and the song “You Never Know” came on.  There I am, singing along (not very well I might add), happily crooning with Mr. Matthews, “Don’t lose the dreams inside your head, they’ll only be there until your dead, dream…”


Thus, comes the new addition to Miss Moira’s bedroom wall.


I took a fairy garden picture from a couple weeks back:


Cropped it and added some filters via CoffeeShop Designs:


Gave it some fancy font:


And framed it up.


There you have some personalized, easy DIY wall art.  Perfect for a little girl’s room.  And it fulfills my ongoing attempt to fill our walls with images we have taken, art we have created, or thoughtful, original items we have grabbed in our travels.  Score!


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