numbered bins {land of nod hack}

Doing a little happy dance…I finally have the sunroom-slash-playroom to a spot that I am happy with, making it look like a home and not a house we just moved into.  (Note:  We moved in November.)  The last project (for this room, for now) was the upcycle of the boring bins that house some of the kids’ toys.  I wanted functionality, but style and had fallen in love with the Canvas Number Storage Bins from Land of Nod seen here:


But sometimes ya just gotta use whattcha got (versus spending more money on things you don’t really need).  So I broke out the paint.  I am not at all disappointed by the results.  Sure, it took some time.  Not as much time as I thought it would, but a couple of hours start to finish.  What do we think?


I just love the power of paint!


So pleased!


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