making rooms {play & sunroom}

Today I am finally showing off our “finished” playroom and sunroom.  I am excited because it is finally to a spot where I am comfortable and happy with it.  Scratch that…thrilled.  Sure I would like to replace the chairs and rug, and swap out the storage ottoman for a different coffee table.  But this room is going to be the one that is constantly changing.  That is, at least until the kids are old enough to be in the basement playroom by themselves.  So while we are in this stage of our family’s life, this is exactly what we need.

A room to relax.  A room to play.  A room to work in, as I do a lot of photography in this room (so much natural light) and use the the open floor space for a LOT of crafting.  It is a room that has all of that and can be seen easily from the kitchen/dinette where I spend most of my time.  Lucky for us, they are in one spot.

The sunroom side–



Moira has found her favorite spot.  She goes back to it over and over…with a book, with magnets, with magazines, with a dolly.  She has claimed the spot as her own.


The “06” is our anniversary year and was my first vinyl project a couple weeks ago (woot woot).  The gold frame was a 79 cent thrift store find.  It had some hideous tile picture on the inside that I just popped out.


Now the playroom side–


I was a little more crafty on this side of the room with my Fabric Pom Pom Garland (diy here) and Numbered Bins (diy here), as well as the colored, felt pennant banner.  It all made that side of the room feel a little more kid friendly, but wasn’t like Romper Room.  On that note, I limited the amount of toys that are out to whatever fits on that one small bookcase, the coloring supplies in bins stored in the table, and a big bin that houses the kitchen toys, which is stored under the table.  If my kids want to play with something different, they ask and I get it for them.  It has cut down on the messes, fighting, and the “I want, I want, I want” a bit.  It opens up the space more as well.


Moira and Ronan have a nice spot to hang all of the artwork that comes home too (before we recycle it).


We have nothing on the windows and chances are there won’t be anything there for a while.  I love the natural light and the open feel of it and I am just not ready for drapes and blinds.

Overall, this room has the open, playful, casual feel I was going for.  So, what do you think?

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