dip ‘n’ dots {diy inspiration}

You may be thinking, “Whaaaaa?  That crazy faux-ice cream they sell at the mall?  Is this girl crazy?”  Well no.  I mean, I might be crazy, but when I title this post “dip ‘n’ dots” I am not referencing that…stuff.  I am talking about color.  Paint, marker, dye, glitter…dipped and dotted.


Everywhere I turn, I see this decor and design inspiration.  Hair, clothes, food, home goods.  It’s everywhere.  Am I one of the herd when I fill my house, parties, closet with this style?  Probably, but I am not afraid to admit it.  I love the various types of dipped or polka-dotted items I see out there.  LOVE!  So much that I am sharing some of my favorites today.

Let’s dip first!

dip dye shirt

Dip-dyed clothing–I have a gorgeous, casual, dip-dyed shirt I got from Anthropologie last year that I love.  Go ahead and try out your own.  I am already running down the list of white items in my closet that I can dip dye. (Image and tutorial via Harris Sisters Girl Talk)

pastel dipped vase

Paint-dipped glass bottles–These simple vessels, when partially coated in pastel paint, make a gorgeous centerpiece or mantlepiece.  Mix and match the colors or do all of the same color, then fill with single stems of your favorite blooms.  They are soooo pretty!  (Image and tutorial via Say Yes to Hoboken)

dipped bowls

Paint-dipped wooden bowls–You can splurge on the already painted bowls or do your own painting with some thrift shop finds.  You can use them to collect findings on the counter or serve your food.  I love all of the different ways you can use these dressed up bowls. (Image via LEIF)

dipped feathers

Paint-dipped feathers–They are just cool.  And decorating with feathers, whether it be your hair, your jewelry, or your house, is in style.    Go do it!  (Image and tutorial via Urban Nester)

paint dipped spoons

Paint-dipped utensils–I have seen these done so many ways, all so striking in their own way.  These would make a great shower gift, could dress up an otherwise bland utensil drawer, or make a great display on your food table.  Definitely not bland.  (Image and tutorial via Little Bit Funky)

dipped table

Paint-dipped furniture–I am not going to lie, this is on my list of home to-dos.  It is quite simple and the effect is stunning.  I personally have an unfinished entry table that I will be fixing up real soon, but any piece of furniture could be done.  (Image and tutorial via The Sweet Beast)

Are you smitten yet?  I am.  Let’s dot!

dot garland

Dot garland–This stuff is everywhere and I am not ashamed to admit that I have jumped on board.  I love that you can decorate a home or party with this stuff.  And It adds just the right amount of whimsy and mod, and if you do it up right, lots of glam.  (Image via NiceParty)

dot stitch pillow

Dot pillows–Another one you can opt to purchase or DIY.  If you opt to DIY, use some paint and scatter your dots or have them perfectly aligned and symmetrical.  Either way it will still look great!  (image via Anthropologie)

gold dot vases

Dot vases–The effect of the clustered gold dots on a round bottom vase with those bright flowers is just perfect.  Once you read how easy it is you might just want to try it out…and you should!  Just in time for a festive holiday table, right?  (Image and tutorial via Lilikoi Joy)


Dot wall decals–Why not go all out and fill a wall with dots?  Again, you can scatter and mix metallics to show your wild side, or stay all symmetrical and monochromatic to keep it toned down.  I personally like the scattered, mixed look!  (image via The Land of Nod)

What would you dip?  What would you dot?  I would love to hear!


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