mix it up {butter rum cider}

We had our trip to the apple orchard with the kids last weekend and now I am on my apple kick. Today I am sharing a warm, yummy drink that can be served with or without the booze.


I love this drink. It makes me feel like I should be sipping it at The Leaky Cauldron next to a giant, hairy man in ragged clothes.  Or a witch.

This toasty spiked drink would make a good addition to a fall gathering too.  We served it up at a fall party we had a couple of years ago and it was a hit. We kept it warm in a crock pot and stocked the area with some cups, a laddle, spiced rum, and, of course, cinnamon butter.  The cinnamon butter really makes it.  Soften a stick of butter, add a teaspoon each of cinnamon and sugar, and mix well.


Heat the cider. Add a splash of spiced dark rum. Then add a pat of cinnamon butter. Get cozy and sip away.


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