inspiring celebrations {geometric rainbow bridal shower}

Happy Sunday!  Today I am sharing some party inspiration with you.  This Rainbow Geometric Bridal Shower was for a friend a couple of months ago.  She asked for something colorful, not at all flowery, fun, and maybe a little childish.  Colorful geometric shapes are pretty hip, so it seemed the logical option.  Here are some of my favorite features from the event:

The colorful geometric backdrop–I have seen geometric garland all over and was not mistaken when I thought how easy it was going to be to make it myself.  If you have done buntings, banners, or dot/confetti garlands, than this geo garland is a no-brainer.  Bright colored card stock was cut into triangles, then run through the sewing machine.  We draped it against a solid wall and that was it!  I was super excited to hear that my friend and her husband would be keeping the garland as part of their home decor!

The donut holes–Donuts and donut holes are cool, trendy, easy to eat, affordable, and if you get good ones, a fabulous treat.  Displayed in the form of a tower, it was another star of the show.  Some instructions for making a donut hole tower can be found here, but the long and short of it is to get a large styrofoam cone, wrap it in paper, and then again in plastic wrap.  Starting at the bottom, insert a toothpick into the foam and attach a donut hole.  Keep going, around and around until you reach the top.

The make-your-own mimosa bar was complete with Juices presented in swingtop glass bottles–Bright colored juices presented in simple carafes or bottles can also be a part of the decor.  Disclaimer:  I personally have an obsession with containers, of all shapes and sizes.  That being said, a simple bottle or carafe can be used again and again, so go to Home Goods and splurge on the 4$ bottles for your next party.  You will definitely get your money’s worth out of them.  For this party we served orange, cranberry, and lemonade to go with champagne to complete the bar.

The handmade favors–They were also the vessel for the make-your-own mimosas.  These champagne glasses were collected from local thrift shops at about 79-99 cents a glass.  Again, a quick DIY with lots of flair.  The full tutorial can be found at here.

The custom geometric cat fondant toppersThe bride special requested red velvet cupcakes, which were easy enough.  When she requested cat fondant toppers, I was stumped momentarily.  Then I saw a geometric cat on Etsy.  Perfect!  We got to honor her love of cats but still keep with the geo-rainbow theme.


The geometric rainbow paper printables–totally inspired by the garland, these menus (as well as the invitations that matched) were super fun to make.  Lots of color, hip, and definitely not flowery or girly.


I am still in love with how this party turned out.  It was a sweet, intimate affair with lots of personalization for the bride.  Hope you enjoy seeing some of the highlights!


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