metal table upcylce {diy)

I am super pumped to share this upcycle project I completed this week…a little backstory though.

One day, I was driving down my mother’s street, with her in the front and my two babies sleeping in the back seat.  We were on our way home from lunch, it was past nap time, and I was just ready to get the kids into bed.  Then I saw it…a tan/brown metal table, that looked like an office table of some kind, sitting on the curb.  Let’s make the long story short.  After hemming and hawing, not wanting to take it, being called a chicken by my mother, I ended up getting the table.  Free.  Right of the curb.  I got some jeers and laughs from my family that knows me so well when I toted it back to Buffalo.  Still more jeers when it sat in my garage for 2 months.

I was up and down about what I wanted to do until I saw a this:

Oh, Ikea.  How you have shown me the way.


I spray painted it blue, but wanted more.   I added white trim around the edge.  Why stop now!  I added some gold trim inside the white.  I love gold.



I am keeping the casters off for now because it is the perfect height for a side table without them.  Now it lives happily in my living room.  I sorta love it.  Ok, not sorta.  I REALLY love it!


Moral of the story–don’t be afraid to take something that is on someone else’s curb.  They don’t want it.  That is why it is there.

Thanks, Mom, for making me knock on that woman’s door to ask if I could take her trash.



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