life in general {home again, home again}

Steve and I had a great week in Mexico.  It was our first time visiting but definitely not our last.  There were lots of highlights, here are a couple:

We took a half day trip to visit the Mayan ruins at Tulum.  Our tour guide was extremely enthusiastic about the history and intrigued us both to learn more about Mayan culture, history, the calendar, the women, the end of the civilization, and so on.

ruins-at-tulumtulum-beach tulum-temple

The weather….ahhhhhh, yes.  The weather.  So wonderful.  I love being warm.  Most of the time, as long as I have a bottle of water in tow (or some other iced beverage I guess), I don’t mind the heat.  Bring on the sweat.  Feels gooooood.


The language.  Spanish sounds beautiful to me.  I took it for four years in high school and one semester in college but left unpracticed, I don’t remember much beyond “hola” and “por favor”.  Both my husband and I vowed to be conversational by the next time we go back.  It is a nice little challenge with a couple of plans of attack.  It all started today with the Rosetta Stone demo of Spanish (Latin America).  Bring it, Español.

The food and the drinks were great.  I am inspired to try out a couple of Mexican items (margaritas not excluded…and we had some ah-mazing sipping tequila.)

I tool lots of pictures of palm trees.  I have some plans for those.


I finally, after many months, had a chance to leisure read and actually finish a book.  I read “The Tao of Martha: My Year of LIVING; Or, Why I’m Never Getting All That Glitter Off of the Dog” by Jen Lancaster.  Holy stuff that book was amazing and inspiring and funny…and strangely hit a lot of personal chords.  Highly recommended.  Now I am on a book reading kick…

Lastly, on the plane rides, I filled pages of my “idea journal” with wonderful things that I can’t wait to get started on.  It is crazy how inspired you can get when you just let everything go for a bit.  Even a couple of hours on a plane.

Can’t wait to get back to work!


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