stamped halloween treat bags

Sometimes I head into a DIY thinking, “This will take me no time at all”.  Then I am amazed at the “no time” it actually takes.  This is one of those.


I wanted to do something cute and unique for the kids’ classroom Halloween treats…especially with concerns of allergies and even more because these are the little things that I love and that they love and that they will care less about eventually (all…”MOM!  You’re embarrassing me!”).

I have a stash of these muslin bags that are just the perfect size for a single dum-dum and some stickers (both from the Dollar Tree…score!).  Oh, and the stamps are from the dollar bin at Michaels.  You can find these little bags at The TomKat StudioShop Sweet Lulu, or Sucre Shop.

Ink, stamp, ink, stamp, ink, stamp…fill…done!


It’s so easy I myself can’t even believe it!


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