pie tasting party inspiration

If you are like me, when you think of Thanksgiving one of the first things you think about is PIE!  That’s right.  Not turkey or stuffing, but pie.  A couple months ago I shared a pie party inspiration board over on Organize and Decorate Everything.  I couldn’t stop thinking about this collection of ideas and how perfect they are for the upcoming holiday, so I am sharing them here on Circus Berry today.


Here, you can find some variations of pie that might be fun for your gathering, as well as some fun ways to decorate and display your selection.

Let’s start with the food.

Pie comes in all shapes and sizes, including in pop form. So yummy and so easy, they definitely earn a spot at the pie tasting table. You could stand them up (cake pop style) or just lay them out on a rectangular white platter. (recipe and image via Bakerella)

Once everyone brings their contribution, top the pies with cute flags to label each. (image via Belle on Heels)

Some people just aren’t great with forming pie crusts. Hand pies displayed all in a row, in a box with some wax paper adds to the rustic feel and won’t give the lesser pie baker anxiety (like me!). (recipe and image via Hoosier Homemade)

Why not wash down that pie with coffee…they seem to go hand and hand. Set up a cute coffee station with some of your decor as a backdrop. (image via Take a Megabite) Use chalkboards as signage and keep your coffee condiments on ice. (image via A Night Owl Blog)

Cream pies, fruit pies, and crumb pies–whatever the offerings, display them in different dishes at different heights to add to the visual appeal. And don’t forget to tuck some homemade whipped cream into the mix! (image via Bon Appétit)

Use extra pie crusts to make Pie Fries and put out some dipping sauces to go with them. This might be the most clever pie-themed idea I have seen yet! (image via Dinner with Juile)

Mini Pies, just as tasty as their full-sized counterparts, make for a pretty display and might be just the right size for take-home treats. (image via Tara Guérard Soirée)

Now, let’s check out some serving and decor inspiration:

Start with the silverware. Check out all of the cool utensils from Sucre Shop. You can show off your earthy side and give the rustic feel with wooden forks. Plain or stamped, they add a nice detail. (image via Sucre Shop)

Coffee filter flowers match nicely with the colors, as well as the coffee station concept. For little money you can have something feminine and festive to deck your table. (image via A Pumpkin and a Princess)

Jute twine. Oh, the possibilities! Use as pretty ties on mugs or wrapped utensils; wrap the base of cake stands a couple times around; string your coffee filter flowers on there for garland. (image via Shop TomKat )

Whether it is finished, unfinished, or vintage, a wooden crate makes a great addition to rustic decor. Use one flipped over to add layers and height to your pie table. (image via The Wedding of My Dreams)

Set a pretty backdrop for your pie table or coffee station using layers upon layers of Doily Garland. Just make a length…or two…or ten (using your twine of course)…and drape away. (image and tutorial via CAKE.)

A book page table runner would make a pretty and unique base for all of those pretty pies to sit on, and since I have been wanting to do some book page crafts, this will probably be lining a table of mine for some occasion this fall. So pretty. (image via Little Birdie Secrets)

If you want a little more natural and a little less…frilly…try a fringed burlap (and glittered) banner for your backdrop. Or combine the Doily Garland with this one for the shabby chic feel. (image and tutorial via Yellow Bliss Road)

All of those pies means leftovers. Probably anyway. Send some home with the guests in Pie Favor Boxes, wrapped up with some of that twine, with a wooden fork tucked in. Now you have thought of everything. (image via Stephmodo; available at A La Modo)

Although I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year, I will be sure to use some of these ideas when I bring dishes to share!


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