patriotic rag lap quilt {guest post from Donna}

Happy Veteran’s Day.  I am going to start today by sharing my thanks and gratitude to all of the Veterans, alive and passed.  I, like many, have had grandparents and other family members who have given themselves to the service of our country.  I am forever grateful and appreciative to all that they have done and given to ensure that their families and countrymen have the freedom this great country was founded on.   Thank you.

In the spirit of patriotism, I have my mom sharing her Patriotic Rag Lap Quilt today.  That’s right, I got my mom on board for another guest post.  She made this to donate to a raffle to benefit the Wounded Warriors Project at her local American Legion.  It came out so beautifully, I am so happy she agreed to share!  Here she is…


Making rag quilts is not a hobby that I took up on purpose, much like beading, and paper crafting.( I will let Anne explain that in a disclaimer, if she choses to.)  But I have made rag quilts, and I’m afraid I’m hooked. They’re easy, they’re beautiful, and best of all… they are warm and comfy.

My Dad had been in a skilled nursing facility until his recent passing. A proud Veteran of WWII, he loved all things patriotic. I had some fabric remnants from another project staring me in the face, so I used them to create a rag lap quilt. I put it together in a few short days, while I nursed an upper respiratory infection and couldn’t visit Dad. He was thrilled, and I was happy it made him happy. This is not a tutorial. There are hundreds of rag quilt tutorials out there…seek and find. This is just a short description of what I did, and how it looked in the end. Go ahead… find some fabrics that inspire you, and make one yourself!

Cut squares of fabric in your desired size. You will sew a 1/2″ seam for these quilts, so cut squares 1 inch larger than the desired finished size. Guidelines for figuring fabric needed for a particular size quilt can be found on-line.
Cut same size squares of flannel in a color of your choosing.  Sandwich the flannel squares between two fabric squares.  Sew a large X corner to corner on each square.


Arrange your squares in your desired pattern.

Sew the squares into rows and then sew the rows together.  Sew around the perimeter of the quilt.


Clip the seams every quarter inch (this is where a “rag quilt clipper” really helps).  Don’t forget to clip the outer edge too.  Wash the quilt and tumble dry.


WARNING: You will have thread clippings everywhere after the washing. I take mine outside and shake it out good before sending to the dryer.

Warm wishes!!! Donna

Thank you to my Momma for sharing her talent.  I hope the winner of this work of art loves his or her prize!


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