life in general {holiday photos}

Last week I had a sudden burst of motivation to get holiday cards done…early.  Last year we didn’t send out cards because we were moving into our house the day after Thanksgiving and it was just too much.  So the fact that I got a decent picture of the kids, edited it, and uploaded/ordered my cards before Thanksgiving was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Of course with dozens of ornaments on the floor, who would want to look at a camera or even smile at it?  Here are some of the awesome outtakes!

christmas-card-photo-session-1 christmas-card-photo-session-2 christmas-card-photo-session christmas-card-photos christmas-card-picture-session-1 christmas-card-picture-taking christmas-card-pictures

And the final choice:


It was just too funny for me to not put on a card.  It is so very representative of their personalities…Moira trying so hard to have a perfect smile and Ronan being a clown.

What kind of holiday task have you gotten a jump on? Do share!


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