fairies live here

Last year my mother had a fairy garden at her house, which was a pleasant surprise when Moira came to visit. REAL fairies, living right in Gramma Donna’s backyard!  I thought it would be nice to spread the fairy magic to our new residence, so this year the Circus Berry family has a fairy garden as well.

garden-welcomfairy-gardenMoria helped pick out the plants.  We made sure to get miniature flowers and plants.  The fairies are little after all and it is only suiting that the flowers match, right?  We got LOTS of plants that day…all of the ones for the fairy garden and then some…


We made sure to give the fairies a fairy pool (very important for those hot days),

a fairy flag pole,

a fairy fence,

and a fairy path.


There is even a fairy “welcome” sign.  Such hospitality those fairies have!

With some paint and dollar birdhouses, we also have not one but two fairy houses.  I wonder which house was painted by Moira and which was painted by Ronan.  Hmmmm….


Moira told me fairies are living there already.  But they don’t have any names yet because there is a fairy Mom and she has fairy babies in her belly.  And to add to the fairy family, Moira puts a fuzz or seed off of a dandelion in her fairy house every time she finds one.  There must be a couple dozen in living there by now.

The fairy garden is placed sweetly in front of our porch.  I smile every time I look at the tiny little world and think how excited little ones get about fairies.  Magical.


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five fun necklace crafts {for kids}

After seeing the joy in a simple activity such as stringing straws into a necklace, I was curious about some other fun necklace-stringing crafts for kids.  Some of these would make great party crafts for the little ones!


There are so many variations of stringing beads on necklaces.  Here are some super fun stringing activities to consider:


1.  Candy Necklace-Paper & Cake provides a free printable for a fun, candy necklace kit.  Fill a box with colored candies and let the sugar rush begin.


2.  Cork Necklace-Another use for all those corks you Wine-Os out there might collect, courtesy of Tip Junkie.  Heck, I would wear that!


3.  Pasta Necklace-You can never go wrong with a pasta necklace for kids.  We have done this one a couple of times.  You can paint your pasta, or soak it in food coloring and rubbing alcohol to get your desired color.  (Photo from The Norris Family Journey)


4.  Fruit Loop Necklace-Edible equals fun (for me anyway), and this rainbow necklace done by Mamas Like Me using cereal is no exception.  Great for a rainbow party, St. Patrick’s Day, road trips, any day…I really love this one!


5.  Pony Bead Necklace-Flash Back!  Relive your summer camp days with a pony bead necklace.  (Photo from Fun Family Crafts)

I would love to hear of any more fun stringing activities out there!

Happy Monday,


paper straw necklaces {for kids}

Little Miss got the chance to make some custom jewelry recently, using some colored straws left over from the my Party On! supplies.  She had fun, got to practice her patterns, and it was a nice little activity to break from the usual after-school routine.










We can see that the little man got in on the fun too.  Although he was more interested in dumping the straws on the floor and picking them up again.  Good times for toddlers…

Happy Weekend!


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Some Spring Gardening

Today was a big day for Miss Moira.  She learned how to plant seeds.

It all started because I thought she would enjoy having a little garden of her own.  She loves to water plants and has a wonderful fixation on sticking her hands in the potted plants in my house and dumping dirt all over the floor.   She also loves picking dandelions, as well as the little white flowers off of my shamrock plant.  And she is a little bit of a nature girl.  Between 17 and 18 months she would walk around my mother’s gardens and sniff the flowers.

When we went camping last Labor Day, she did this…

Yeah, she hugged a tree.  In the middle of the woods.  In nothing but a diaper.

Hippie?  Naturist?  Arborist?  Who knows.

What better way to foster Moira’s green thumb than to help her grow her very own garden.  Maybe she’ll stop picking the house plants and dumping dirt on the floor…I doubt it.

Today, she planted sunflower seeds, cucumbers, and green beans.  The sunflowers because I thought she would love to see how big they get; the cucumbers and beans because she loves them.  Once the risk of frost is gone here in Buffalo (hopefully sometime before July), we will transfer her plants to some large pots to put along our sunny fence.

She was thrilled to be outside (finally after days of rain) and to use her new gardening tools from the Easter Bunny (she especially loves having her own watering can).

First, put on the garden gloves…

Open the soil…

Put the soil in the starter pots…


Get all of your seeds planted…


Cover the seeds with soil…

Put in your garden tags…

The last and best part:  water the seeds with your cool new watering can!

Admire your work…

And wait for those sprouts to come up!


Bunny Pretzel Pops

Happy Monday.  It finally feels like Spring these past couple of days and even though I am exhausted, it puts a little bit of pep into my step.  It is a windy day today (I am reminded of “Pooh’s Blustery Day”…we have seen that movie quite often), but we still went outside, walked a couple of blocks, and played on the slide.  It was just good to be out of the house.  
Also made these today with Moira.  Salty & sweet…mmmm
And they are covered in coconut…double mmmm
Here is what you need:
We used mini chocolate chips, white chips, pretzel rods, ‘regular-sized’ marshmallows, and flaked coconut.  Most of it probably looks self-explanatory, but here is what to do:
Get your little work station set up…white chocolate chips melted; mini-chips ready; coconut in a shallow dish; marshmallow ears (by the way, the marshmallows were cut down the long way, then each ‘slice’ was cut in the middle to make 2 half-circles); pretzel rods; and wax paper for the finished product.

Dip the pretzel rod in the melted white chocolate chips.

Immediately roll it in the coconut.

Put the mini-chip eyes and nose on.  Use some of the melted chocolate as glue if needed.
(Moira is in the, “NO, I do it” phase so things got a little messy.)


Use some of the melted chocolate to put on the bunny ears.

Sneak a pretzel rod, and when someone asks you what you are doing, tell them “I’m eating a pretzel!” in your best matter-of-fact voice.

Enjoy your treat (after you eat your dinner, of course!)

And if you have left-over marshmallows and melted chocolate, make these little fellas…roll your marshmallow in melted white chocolate chips, roll it in coconut, and add some bunny, eyes, and nose (using some of that melted stuff for your glue).