this girl’s got style

Sometimes I am envious of how brave my four-year-old is with her outfits.  Bright colors, tutus, sassy hairstyles.  The list goes on.  She was looking fancy last Friday and I just had to snap some pictures.



Of course we had to get Giraffe in on the action…(that’s her most prized possession)…


And I am practicing my photo editing skills.  Learning.

Happy Monday!



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fun with Photoshop Elements 8

Check me out…I downloaded a trial version of Photoshop Elements a couple of days ago and now I’m a junkie….I spent a good portion of this evening playing around until I got myself a nice little blog header. Pretty cute, right?

As if there were NOTHING else in my world to take up my time.

No, really, I should be writing reports right now!