life in general {getting the tree}

We are one of those families that still like the real tree.  Sure it is a bit messy, and sure it probably costs more in the long run…but part of the fun of the season for now is going to get the tree.  Let’s not forget that great pine smell that fills the house.  Until we find out that it is just too much of a pain, or that one of the kids is allergic, real it is.

We went to get the tree this weekend, to the same spot we have gone to for years.  Of course I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to snap some shots of the kids while we were there.


With all of those rows and rows of trees, the babies could not resist running around.  We finally agreed (meaning: I decided) on a tall, full, but skinnier tree.  I just love the way they look all decked out.  Do you have a tree preference?  Real or fake?  Tall and skinny, huge, or pleasantly plump?


life in general {change of season}

Now that the snow has fallen, and has stuck around a tiny bit, and Thanksgiving is this week, and there are only three weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and my brain is swimming with holidays–

I am in full holiday decor swing.  I am packing up the fall and bringing in the merry.  I am probably one of the late-comers, and I won’t get into how I really feel about too much Christmas before Thanksgiving is even over, but I am in fact jumping head first into the holidays…even before Santa and his sleigh cross Herald Square (which is my usually my shotgun start for the season).


I am excited to share some of the merry with you over the next couple of weeks!  How about you…do you wait?  Or can’t wait?


life in general {holiday photos}

Last week I had a sudden burst of motivation to get holiday cards done…early.  Last year we didn’t send out cards because we were moving into our house the day after Thanksgiving and it was just too much.  So the fact that I got a decent picture of the kids, edited it, and uploaded/ordered my cards before Thanksgiving was nothing short of a Christmas miracle.

Of course with dozens of ornaments on the floor, who would want to look at a camera or even smile at it?  Here are some of the awesome outtakes!

christmas-card-photo-session-1 christmas-card-photo-session-2 christmas-card-photo-session christmas-card-photos christmas-card-picture-session-1 christmas-card-picture-taking christmas-card-pictures

And the final choice:


It was just too funny for me to not put on a card.  It is so very representative of their personalities…Moira trying so hard to have a perfect smile and Ronan being a clown.

What kind of holiday task have you gotten a jump on? Do share!


life in general {whirlwind week}

This past week, especially the weekend, was a sort of whirlwind.  It seems like many weeks get like that…out of hand, crazy and then before you know it it is Monday again.  Is anyone else with me?

Sometimes when I can’t even remember what I ate for breakfast…or if I even ate breakfast at all…I go through my photos and think, “Oh, that was this week, wasn’t it.”  It also reminds me of what a lucky and blessed gal I am, living a beautiful life with a beautiful family and beautiful friends.

So for fun, here are some highlights of the past week, via iPhone.

I had some fun with Oreos.  Now that I bought an entire package I am thinking of creative ways to use them up without me sitting down with a glass of milk and housing the whole thing.


I attended a Stampin’ Up card class and came home with these pretties.


Miss Moira got a special breakfast date with Mommy before her eye doctor appointment.  She devoured this fruit and yogurt parfait.  It was just as big as she was.


Edamame…nothing so important, only that I gave my kids the dish and before I even had one they were gone.


I made some flat cookies.  I hate when that happens.  Tasty, but flat.  They did however, make a good s’more.


We attending a fabulous wedding for an even more fabulous couple and had a most fabulous time.  There were so many things I loved about the event…these Pantone place cards being just one of them…


I thought the day after a wedding (complete with the most amazing vintage cocktails and a 2:30 am bedtime) would be a great time to start my Arbonne 7-Day Body Cleanse.


We went to spend the night with my mom and step-dad…the original glampers…I think anyway.


Much needed time in the woods, with family…and apparently a rake and broom.  It was short but sweet.


It was the perfect time for the kids to do their Kiwi Crate Nature Box that we hadn’t finished yet from a couple months ago.  Those boxes are so darn cute!!!


Anyone else have a week/weekend that was just bananas?  Here is to a peaceful week for us all…