terrarium {diy}


These days, you can find terrariums everywhere…the blogosphere, the home improvement stores, artificial ones in home decor stores…even Wegmans has a whole display of terrariums.  I have to admit, I am sort of in love with them.  I also have to admit, I am not about to pay 30-something dollars for one.  So I made one.  And gave it to my Momma for her (late) birthday present.


 I thought it was appropriate since she loves plants, the southwest (Sedona specifically), and handmade.  Easy-peasy…



This project was so easy and fast I made one for myself.


And since I went a little overboard on the succulents, some other special people will be receiving DIY terrariums soon…I wonder who?



11 thoughts on “terrarium {diy}

    • Lowes actually…bu Home Depot has them. There are so many different types and they are so inexpensive and easy to make, I have them everywhere!

    • I used a combination of regular potting soil and a succulent/palm mix. That being said, I have used regular soil and have not had any issues. Just don’t let it get too wet!

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