life in general {week of firsts}

We went through lots of firsts this past week, and a non-first, mostly captured with my iPhone, almost all shared on my Instagam (I think I might have an addiction…but it is so fun and convenient!)

It all started with potty training. We went no holds barred and did the bare bottom for three days, after which Ronan got his first pair of “big-boy underwear”. This week was underwear all day and diapers at night/nap. It is working out very well so far. The marshmallows help a bit.


We had the “first” day of school. Moira is officially a Pre-K. She has been at “school” since she was 12 weeks in some capacity, but now begins the real countdown to Kindergarten. She is such a big girl! And a Sassy Pants too. Just look at the poses she whips out (unprompted I might add).


I “finished” the first room of the house. Yay! You can check out the details here.

I enjoyed my first apple from our CSA this season:


And my first pumpkin ice cream treat of the season (from Alethea’s). Also the this week was the first time I watermarked my photos on my iPhone. I am so excited that I figured it out, I have been plastering it on my Instagram photos all week, like here:


I ran through mud for fun, again, so it isn’t my first…and the injury that occurred for my teammate was not the first either…I mean, different teammate but the same injury on the same body part in the same obstacle. I am sticking to pavement from now on to say the least.
Here we are before, all clean and smiley:

And after, in the ER:


Pavement. Now, I am looking forward to a new week! Have a great one yourself!Signature

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